How to download android apps from playstore to PC

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How to download android apps from playstore to PC

Hey, Nowadays Every person has a android smartphone.

Every android device has a playstore installed in it from which one can buy or install new apps for his device.Whole playstore starts with login from google account.

But if you try to download android apps in PC and then You wish to transfer to your device and later you would install,then such thing is not possible in Any windows or linux or mac PC.

But there is a way to download android apps to pc

Here you go:

Step 1: Just download Real APK Leecher Download here
Step 2: You will also need This android app Device id 
Step 3: Just Install Real APK leecher in PC and then enter your gmail id and password And enter device id of your phone(That you can get from above app)
Step 4:Open real apk Leecher Then just search for the app you want to download And right click and select download this app.

If all you done is correct then you would be able to download android app in computer and then transfer it to your android device and have get insalled this app. Have fun!

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