How To Increase Your Pendrive Capacity or Size or Disk Space

How To Increase Your Pendrive Capacity or Size or Disk Space

There Are Few Steps To Increase Your Pendrive's ,Flash Drive, Memory card,Portable HDD  Disk Space...

If I tell you that your old 512MB or 1GB pendrive or flash Card Could be turned into double amount of data storage capacity,Would You believe me? Well it's True! And you could even triple it, but For now I will prefer to double is best for teaching you.

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Wait, Keep in mind this isn't some "Miracle Tool", that will permanently change size of the drive.

 2.Now You Should Install this PCINSPECTOR in Your Disk Drive(Pen Drive) (At the time of installation it will ask where to install At that time You should provide your pendrive's drive and first make folder named "PCINSPECTOR" in Your pendrive and then select it for installation.)
(~~~~~If You Choose to install to your HDD or C:/ drive ,you will not be able to access the double data when you are on other PC or your friends Computer~~~~~)

3.Begin Filling your drive with whatever you wish to Copy.

4.Once your Drive is full (let's say 1GB Data ) is on the drive, and now no more data can fit, its time to delete it.(***MAKE SURE DONT DELETE PCINSPECTOR FOLDER***)

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5.Now again your pendrive is empty again copy any 1gb data(This time copy some other data dont copy again the deleted data) inside and take it to your friends computer.

6.Open Pendrive in your Friends Computer and Copy those data to your friends Hardisk which is seen in my computer and penrive screen And now the Real trick Starts!!!

7.Open "PCINSPECTOR" Folder >Then Open "PC Inspector File Recovery" Folder > Double Click on "File recovery" and Select your language >Press on Cross sign >Go to "Object" Menu > Go to Drive (Or press directly shortcut key ctrl+O) >Go to Logical Drive > See at last or somewhere else you will see your Pendrive ID like (D: or F:)
Select proper Drive and press Tick mark sign in green Colour> Now In main screen see there appears Deleted Tab click on these and see your deleted files will be here >Click on the file and right click and press save to >Now save to your Harddisk and Yes Its done Your all deleted 1Gb and the original 1 Gb means total 2 Gb you got!!!

8.If all Goes Well It can Be said that You have a 2Gb pendrive space in your old 1 Gb!!

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