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 How To Convert Any Video Files To Any extension(Fastest in seconds)


Now Again I am back to show you tutorial how to convert any video files extension such as .mkv,.avi,.mp4 to any extension like .mp4,.avi,.mkv or any.
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Just follow this tutorial.

Note :This tutorial is only for windows 7.

Step 1::::Just Copy the Source file which you wanted to convert to this folder


Step 2::::See Above Image I have copied One video File named "GENTLEMAN M_V by PSY  1080p[PISHANG]" Of extension ".mp4"

Step 3:::: Now Go to Start Menu and write "cmd.exe" to open command prompt window.It would be seen like this.

Step 4:::: Now write this command without any mistake(even in putting space)(Don't Copy From Here)

copy /b "GENTLEMAN M_V by PSY  1080p[PISHANG].mp4" "Any name which you want to desired file.any extension"

Step 5::::Then Press enter You will get desired file in seconds

See this image I converted "GENTLEMAN M_V by PSY  1080p[PISHANG].mp4" to "GENTLEMAN M_V by PSY  1080p[PISHANG].avi"

See this:::

Thus Now You have done it!

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