How to get deleted files back from recycle bin

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How To Get Deleted Files Back From Recycle bin

Hi Everyone I am Pishang Ujeniya Again on TECHINFORU to help you out if you deleted your important files and want it back.

Yes, its true. Its not a magic, just a logic. Now you can get back your deleted files.

Many computer users by mistake they delete there important documents and files from their computers and after that they recognize that they haven’t took a backup…SHIT!!!....Shiiiit!!!

But now you don’t have to worry if you deleted any files by mistaken. NO PROBLEM…

Yeah you can get back all of your deleted files back to your hard drive as they were.


There are many software available to perform this operation.

I will talk about some of them which I tried and felt good that it worked for me.

First I am going to talk about KICKASSUNDELETE


Yes this is one application that can get your deleted files back. I have used it many times if I by mistakenly delete my important files and documents. This is nice application even it doesn’t need any installation or setup just double click execute file s you can take in pen drive and use it on any computer. Even its size is also too less only 591KB
                Yes its useful and nice application but the major disadvantage is it also shows many system deleted files and it becomes difficult to find the exact our file in such a big stock of deleted files which it can recover back. But if our file is too important then this problem is minor in front of our deletion problem.
                So If you want to download KICKASSUNDELETE just DOWNLOAD HERE.

            2)      ADVANCED SYSTEM CARE
This is another paid software which can be used to get back your deleted files.
The major use of this software is to speed up your computer.


This is my daily used software as and when I start my computer first I start this software and clean my registry and fix some errors it really speeds up my computer and helps in working I big loading softwares such as 3Dsmax,Autocad,Autodesk Maya and many other softwares which I use.

Ohhh!! Let me come to point to get your deleted files faster.
1)      Firstly install ADVANCED SYSTEM CARE FROM HERE.
2)      Then right click on recyclebin icon you will see undelete.
3)      Just proceed further.
(Be sure that the files you can get back by this software. If after you deleted your files by mistake and then run Optimopro SOFTWARE then you cant get those deleted files.

This is also a fine software to get back your deleted files. I use as my pendrive’s capacity increaser you can read fullpost here HOW TO INCREASE YOUR PENDRIVES CAPACITY .

The full tutorial how to use this software is given o above link you can even download this software from here DOWNLOAD PC INSPECTOR


              This is also a very important and usefull software.I liked this most among all this.

Even This software can recover from flash drives,Memory cards and ipod too.
Its easy to use and its GUI(graphical user interface) is nice.The latest version of Recuva is now available to download! Version 1.47 introduces file type filtering to the Deep Scan mode and sees further improvements to the recovery process through better detection of removable devices, and optimized memory usage. Download RECUVA 1.47
Change Log:
  • Added file type filtering to Deep Scan
  • Improved detection of removable storage devices
  • Optimized memory usage
  • Improved VHD Image creation
  • Reorganized context menu items
  • Added Thai language support
  • Minor bug fixes and GUI improvements

I hope you liked my post about to get back your deleted files.

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