Laptop as a WIFI Hotspot

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How To turn your Laptop into a WIFI Router

 Hi guys,

In this world of internet every one is a internet user. Nowadays smartphones users are also increased and especially android users.
I hope you also having an android phone.
You might be noted that in android system one can turn his phones internet to a wifi router and can emit wifi signals from phone itself and others can connect to your phone via wifi and even can access your phones internet and many more.

How would if your laptop turns into a similar like android phone router? Amazing!!

Yes now you don’t have to buy a special router for having wifi signals.
Even your desktop computer can be turned into a wifi router(only id your desktop CPU has a facility of wifi or you must need router that can send wifi signals coming from Ethernet port from your CPU)
This software is much usefull for those who roams in world and using a USB Dongle to access internet in laptop and want to even access internet in their smartphones via wifi then they can via this software.

So lets get through it.

Have a look at this.

  1.    Firstly download this software from here 
  2.  Then install it in your computer or laptop.
  3.  Then restart PC or laptop if it asks(Must restart If It asks otherwise its service wont start)
  4.   Then Launch the software from desktop. Then you will get pop up notification tha connectify is running soopen from system tray (beside date and time of your system see there would be one arrow just click there and click on connectify)
  5.  Name the router and Password to access the wifi service by other device.
  6.  Select your internet connection.
  7.   Select your Sharing way (means in which mode you want to share via Ethernet port or via wifi)
  8.   Just then Start service.

If all goes correct way then you can get your router name in your smartphone when you search for wifi Just connect and start using your laptops internet in smartphone and surf as you wish.

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