Firefox OS

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Firefox OS

A New OS In Windows

Hello Everyone,

I am back again after a lot of time to introduce a new software which will give you a new smartphone experience of new Operating System neither Android nor iOS.

You all maybe using Android Emulators Such as Youwave, Bluestacks or any other.(Read More about Youwave  CLICK HERE

Let’s get to main point,

Today you will be surprised to experience new virtual smartphone in your Computer.

This could help those who are interested in buying new smartphones and want to get experienced how it would be….

Ok so Today I am not saying the name of OS which is used in this Virtual Smartphone…You can get it known by yourself by doing this tutorial.

Step 1: Firstly you need to gave Mozilla Firefox Webbrowser installed in your computer.(If not have then get from HERE)

Step 2: Secondly you need to have this file in your computer:Size:45MB Download from Here

Step 3: Open Firefox, Then press Ctrl+Shift+A , You will get seen below screen Then Go to Settings Menu and click on Install Addon From File, and specify the above file where you downloaded.
Click Image to see larger
 Step 4:Immediately It will show you this image
 after the countdown seconds press Install.(Even If it takes time then wait for 2minutes as it is large Addon so installation time would be more.If your Browser hangs or not responding then also just wait and see after 2 minutes it will work.)

Step 5: Now Go to See below image.

Step6 :Now Just wait if any command prompt screen appears (Don’t close that window just wait till below screen appears )

Step 7:Now Press stopped button as shown in above image so that the OS starts running.

I won't show you the screenshots but it will be available after 1st August,2013. So Stay connected with TECHINFORU

Have fun!!

All will go correct if done as shown above…

If you get any errors or you get stucked in between just comment me I will help you.

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