Youwave Review

Android On Windows

Hi everyone all of you now have an Android Smartphone.
Its the world famous Operating system for smartphones and tablets.

"Android the worlds most popular mobile platform"

But what would if you can have ANDROID OS ON WINDOWS?

Yes, now you can have ANDROID IN WINDOWS.

image credit:androidos.inThis works due to a software named "YOU WAVE FOR ANDROID"

What's Youwave?

  • Youwave for android is an android emulator which runs on Windows operating system.
  • Youwave can be defined as the "Mirror image of Android Operating system". 
  • Youwave will give you a feeling of android operated device in your windows.
  • Its a simply a copy of an android interface.

What its use?

  • Youwave is much useful for android lovers.
  • Youwave is also helps those who are interested in finding new things in android.
  • Its helps those who are new to android as its interface is of android operating system.
  • Its also used for those who want to go in deep in android system and do some developing tools.
What is requirements of Youwave?

The minimum system requirements are:

  • Intel Pentium 1.6GHz CPU
  • 1.5GbDRAM
  • 500MB Disk Space
  • Windows XP/Vista/ ,Windows7/Windows8(32bit/ 64bit)
Which are Product Limitations?

  • Apps that have ARM native code, require Flash, require hardware sensors, or use closed source APIs, are not supported.
  • Some applications are not officially supported by their vendors on platforms other than phones.
A friendly notice written on Youwave official website...

If VirtualBox is installed on your pc, YouWave can only be installed on Windows guests, not on your host machines. Please do not install YouWave on the host machine unless you have VirtualBox uninstalled.

The best about this software...

  • Its easy to install.
  • Easy to run and use.
  • Personal android virtual device.

I think its one the best software in this category. You should once have a look at such a nice and wonderful software...

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