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Hello guys,

From lot after I am back again on Techinforu to show you how to get original songs or Internet Broadcasts in your computer for offline.

So, Lets Begin the process.

1.            Download this software of 7MB  Direct Download-----Or-----Downloadtorent.
2.            Now install it on your computer.
3.            Just then proceed further by clicking “Next”.
4.            Ok now the real process start.
5.            Open any online audio content broadcasting websites such as
6.            Play any song as you wish.
7.            Before it starts playing in your Speakers Just run the above software and To download that audio just press Ctrl+R……When your whole songs get played online then press Ctrl+P in that software and save the file as the name you wish…
8.            By deafult it will save as .wav format
9.            For if you wish to have that in MP3 directly then Just check out settings and preferences….Or You can Just convert that .wav audio file to Mp3 format by using many converters.(Youcan get here)
10.          Now done your file would be saved.

You all may be saying that why to do this all long process if you can get many files online for free download?...Yes, But many of you were facing problem of sound clearity in such files so by this way you can get the original file sound can test that by playing on High will get some of noise blur in downloaded files ..But by this way the original sound quality is maintained.

Is any other way? Then Let us know Just comment Below..

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