What Does Blogging Mean to ?

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What does Blog-Blogger-Blogging mean to?

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This is Pishang Ujeniya again on Techinforu.com with the very first article related to Blogging.

What do you actually mean by 


Most Common answer to this we got is 'Blog is just look like a Website'
Blog can be called as a Website. In-fact 'Blog is just a part of a Website'
It can be on any either topics. Blog contains the real time updates and all information on the topics with which it deals to.

Blog is a Webpage containing dated posts and articles on specific topics managed and edited by either single or multiple persons.

What do you mean by 


"The one who works in making and managing Blogs can be called as a Blogger"
Feeling Proud

What do you say Blogging?


'BLOGGING' is a term derived from word 'BLOG'

Blogging is very creative and entertaining thing to do. I would Say that the thing which makes me feel happy is Blogging. 
Yeah, the real aim behind Blogging of a Blogger may be different from each other but mostly it falls into two categories : #1 For Passion #2 For Money making
Every Blogger initially starts Blogging with passion and slowly that passion turns into Money Making

# What are Included in Blogging?

Each and every skill which are needed in managing a blog are included in Blogging.
Such as, Search Engine Optimization, Publishing, Marketing, Affiliating (may be), Editing, Photography, Good Writing Skills, Better Language knowledge, little bit more deeper we go then it includes knowledge of Web Development , html, css, php, ajax, jQuery, Java and many more.

'Blogging is the act of writing in a blog'

Feel proud if you are a blogger, because a blogger creates a fresh, interesting, spicy and informative content found and collected from any resource either may be from personal experiences or from the corners of Web.

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I hope you found the answers to your questions here. If still you are confused then just drop your mind below in the comment box. If you have any new ideas related to Blogging say it in Comment.
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