5 Social Sites to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Site

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Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog Using Social Sites

What the mean of Blogging if there are no readers of your articles even if its awesome?

Drive Social Media Traffic
Social Blog Traffic
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All Bloggers are always in search of visits infact for Readers. So today I Pishang Ujeniya here on Techinforu.com again to gave you a brief idea about getting traffic from Social Networking ( That doesn't mean on Facebook!)

The Sole aim of our writing article is to get traffic and create awareness among people.

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So our list starts from very first Social Networking Site i.e Facebook


Facebook- Best ways to get more traffic to your site blog using Facebook

For this you needed a Facebook account Obviously!!( Lolss if you don't have create here for free)

Just copy paste your Blog Article link and Paste in your status then wait for 3 seconds so that facebok would make a preview of it and then delete the link.
Write some more description related to your
article and just fire up POST Button.

A Little tip for Facebook users - Use Hashtag (#) before attracting words for Increasing the popularity of your post

Go zooooomm it !! If you have a lot of friends and followers surely your blog post is going to hit a ksss of visits.

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Twitter - Increase your visitors using Twitter

Again same here too!
You need a Twitter Official account to use the services of Twitter.
Not have a one , Get here for free Sign Up

Again the world is round do the same copy your blog article link and paste in left panel of COMPOSE NEW TWEET and publish it, don't forget to add some little description.

A Little tip for twitter users - Use Hashtag (#) before attracting words for Increasing the popularity of your post

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only on BoostBlogTraffic >>> 10 Simple Twitter Tactics That Will Get You More Traffic Today


Pinteres - How to increase your site traffic

So again I am following the same chain.
Get your Account here (If you are left!)

After you have gained access to your account then you are just a few steps away for getting a boost to your blog traffic.

Every Blog post is incomplete without any image or pic.

Yes , a picture speaks more than words !

So Pinterest is going to help you in getting traffic by just seeing picture.
Get your featured photo related to your blog post and have it go in pinterest servers, I mean upload to pinterest account and add some spices and texts to it.

Don't leave it without your blog article link , else all in vain!!! HaHaHa!!!


Stumbleupon Drive Traffic to your site blog
Again a Big Social networking site which is going to give you a bit more knocks to your door.

So Get an account here.

Log In to your Stumble Dash Board and visit sites in that which are of your interest and if you feel that the content is nice then just hit Stumble Button.

For StumbleUpon users it would be best to install 
Now just browse your site and hit Stumble Extension icon and fill the details about your page and submit it.

As soon as you submit you are surely to get hits of hits in just couple of seconds.

Google Plus
HaHa!! Here also you need a account of Google
Yeh its nice facility by google that you can use a single Google Account with all Google products and same happens with Google Plus.

Login with Google Account on Google Plus site
( Still not having account lol!! Get here )

Google Plus has reached a wide network and we are here to get benefitted from it.

Its similar to Facebook and same here take a link, add description and photo , some hashtags ( Google Plus Adds Automatically to Related Words) and finally add your Circles.

Here too as high the number of followers of yours get more traffic from your posts.
Also add More and more people to your Google Circle to get your target circled.

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