How To Hide Android Apps - How to Lock Apps with Password

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How to Hide Android Apps

How to Lock Apps with Password Or Pin

How to Lock or Hide Whatsapp in Android

Hello Guys, Again I am with the solution to hiding Android apps from menu.
You all might be having Android Smartphones, also you may have seen a feature in Samsung Galaxy Series of Phones having Hide Application and also use to it.

But as after Official KitKat Update in Android Samsung Galaxy Note 2 And S3 this Hiding Android apps Feature has been Washed out.

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So here I provide you the solution to hiding Android apps in any Android Smartphone.

Caution :- Your Phone Must Be Rooted!

If you don't know what is ROOTING then don' follow the procedure.
And even if your phone isn't rooted and you are interesting to root it then contact me on Facebook

So here we go to our procedure.

Again Saying Your Phone needs root access!

Hide it Pro -  Hide or Lock Android Apps -
Hide It Pro - Hide Android apps - Lock android apps from menu -
Audio Manager ( Hide It Pro )

1. Install this app from Playstore For Free | INSTALL

2. Just then Open the Application from Drawer which you intalled in above.

3. Keep in mind that the application which you installed has icon like of Audio Manager and Name also is Audio Manager.

4. At the first time of Lauch of Application you will see as below Screenshot

5. Then Just press and hold Audio Manager text at the top to get open the hidden features of this app

6. Now will ask first time security mode so you choose any one security either PIN lock or Password .( I prefer PIN lock - By default pin is set to 8888)

7. Just Enter your Security pin and go further.

8. You will see the screen as Shown

9. Choose Hide Apps.

10. Give grant Access to SU.

11. Now just swipe left and right to see which apps are hidden or which you want to hide.

12. Just tap any app you wish to hide and tap hide.

13. There you go the app is hidden nd wont be listed (Seen)  in Apps List or Menu.

14. Don't Worry Your app is not Uninstalled its just hidden you can get back as follow.

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15. Again Open Audio Manager ( I mean the hiding tool !) And tap and hold AUDIO MANAGER Text at top.

16. Enter Your PIN or Password you choosed at first time.

17. Select Hide apps and see your hidden app would be there tap and click on unhide.

18. Your app would again be there in Menu or Applicaions list.

19. Last and Final Important Step

20. Go to SU ( Super User App) Open Audio Manager there and Give Grant  and tap Save. ( See Screenshot below).

So all it was how to hide android app.

As you can see that the Appllication has lot more features like

  • You can lock Images from Gallery and they wont appear in Gallery
  • You can lock hide Videos from Gallery.
  • You can also Hide lock Music Mp3 files from your Android phone
  • You can Hide applications and they won't appear in Menu
  • You can Lock Desired apps with Password or Pin lock
  • And Many More Also like you can hide SMS Messages from Your Android Phone.
Explore the app and get benefitted of new features by ownself.

If you face any problem then just do comment, I am always there with you to help you out.

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