LG G4 Price, Specs Study Review

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Patents, Concept image, high-end specs make upcoming LG G4 on a fuss

LG G4 is certainly on a roll these days. There are many reasons on this regard, but I must want to start with the device playing under Android L. As the smart phone markets are behaving competitive like Tom and Jerry it is worth believing that the G4 will have a water resistive chassis; even the mid range products are bringing this feature with them these days.
Too Anxious LG goes for patenting:
Looks like the Korean giant is much anxious about the upcoming G4; Meanwhile, the company has gone for protecting the naming rights for the device that has to remain until 2020. It has made the patent application and a huge line-up of devices have been included. Despite the fact that the G3 was not overwhelming, LG wants to keep the ‘G’ naming convention for some more years. Apart from G3, and G4 the other devices to be included are G5, G6, G7, G8, and even G9. However, the attempt makes pretty much apparent regarding LG’s pipeline.   
The price prediction:
Now it’s time to discuss about one of the most crucial parts, the price. On this context, we don’t really need to put much effort on going too back as the recent G3 was not the happiest for LG. No matter how much challenging you try to make it, but the fact that it’s a flagship device makes it obvious to carry a quality tag. Though many speculations are made, still possibilities are high for the Lg G4 to carry a tag anywhere around the £500 mark.
Latest Concept Image:
Image Source :PhoneReviews

Making the discussion more interesting recently a concept image has surfaced. It has appeared in the form of a video, and the climax of the video is when it shows that the upcoming Lg G4 is going to pack a metal casing. It’s certainly something good news for the fans as the device is pretty certain to having a stronger body and trendy look. In addition, rumour mills say it may come in many colour variants as well.
Comparative analysis between G3 and G4: LG G4 certainly looks promising:
Talking about the specs, the flagship is definitely attention dragging. In each department it is going to keep the elder brother G3 a way behind. The latest G4 is said to pack a mammoth 5.5 inch display with 2k pixel resolutions. To run the device, as expected a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chipset has been made available along with superb 3 GB RAM. On this context, it is here to mention that the G3 was having only Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset with quad-core Krait processor at 2.5 GHz. A super efficient battery of 3,450 mAh is there to provide back-up. Talking about the much awaited part, the snapper, the G4 will be having a 16 MP shooter at the back having the enhanced image stabilization concept along a 3 MP at the front end, where as the G3 users had to be satisfied only with 13 MP at the main end and a 2.1 MP facing front. Another rocking part of the product is that it’s going to have double front speaker to hit the floor.

In addition, the G4 is expected to be having better storage space and enhanced look. On a whole, the South Korean giant is all set to fill in the blanks made by its predecessor G3.